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Terms of Business

Employment of any candidate introduced by the company Hospitality eXchange will be deemed as acceptance of the Terms of Business contained herein.

A recruitment fee becomes due should any candidate introduced by Hospitality eXchange commence employment in any capacity, be it permanent, temporary or contractual, as well as on probation or awaiting issue of a work permit, within one year of the last date of referral by Hospitality eXchange.  The Employer will be liable for the full recruitment fee, payable when the candidate commences employment.  No charge is made to candidates.

Judgement as to the aptitude and suitability of a candidate remains the sole responsibility of the prospective Employer and Hospitality eXchange gives no guarantee of the skills or ability of any candidate to perform specific duties.

Recruitment Fees Table - Hospitality Jobs


The recruitment fee becomes due on the commencement of service of the candidate with the Employer, in any capacity and is payable within 7 (seven) days from the start date of the Candidate.

The Recruitment fee is calculated on the annual Total Cost Of Employment (TCOE) Cost To Company (CTC) packageof the candidate. 

Should the employment of a Hospitality Exchange candidate be terminated by any action over which the candidate has no control (Retrenchment, Redundancy, Sale of Business, Unfair Labour Practice, Breach of Employment Contract), the full recruitment fee will be payable by the contracted Employer, with no guarantees.


Hospitality eXchange offers a three month Guarantee on appointed candidates, subject to the Guarantee being validated  by the full fee being paid within 7 (seven) days of the candidate commencing employment.

The Guarantee covers the Employer should the candidate/employee leave the employ of the company within the three month guarantee period for any reason other than Retrenchment, Redundancy, Sale of Business, Death, Life Threatening Disease, Disablement, Constructive or Unfair Dismissal.

Should the Guarantee be validated and the candidate leave within the Guarantee period, Hospitality eXchange undertakes to provide a replacement candidate at no additional cost.  Should the Employer not find a suitable replacement candidate from Hospitality eXchange within 4 (four) weeks, a credit % will be due to the Employer per the above table.

All information provided by Hospitality eXchange is confidential and may not be discussed or divulged to other any other party.   References may also not be disclosed to candidates.